A once-legendary artist struggles with the temptation to make the ultimate sacrifice when faced with the loss of his inspiration.
Masterpiece is a short film about an artist who has been passionate to draw his entire life since he was a child. Because of those reasons in his early years, he goes against his parents’ will and follows a different life path.
Fast forward to ten, twenty years, main character Aiden Pryce becomes a well-known artist and he is going to have his first-ever grand opening show dedicated to his art. That is when his parents but mostly his dad accepts him for what he does, but tragedy happens on the way to his show, his parents get into a car accident and both of them die. Hearing that Ayden Price won’t be able to handle the pressure, thinking it was his fault, he killed his parents. Not being able to handle the loss he moves back to his parents’ house and tries to start a fresh new beginning, but unfortunately for him, everything from there starts going downhill.
Director: Babour Zainullah 
Cinematographer: Alice Bozym 
Producer: Kyong Ah Cho
Assistant Director: Umur Coskun
Editor: Babour Zainullah 

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